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Arozzi Velocità Racing Simulator, för stol, ratt, växelspak och pedaler - Vit

Velocità is the world’s first race driving simulator compatible with any gaming or office chair. This feature allows users for the first time to pick their preference of gaming chair for the racing simulator or to use their existing chair.

The patent-pending connection mechanism makes the assembly quick and easy: the user’s chair can be hooked up to the simulator by removing the two front wheels.

Beyond eliminating the need to buy a pre-assembled racing simulator with a seat, the Velocità’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store as compared to traditional racing simulators, which take up a lot of floor space.

Along with its sturdy metal construction, Velocità is equipped with holders for a steering wheel, pedals and a gear shift.
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Tillverkare Arozzi
Tillverkarens artikelnummer VELOCITA-WHITE
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