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Mikrofon Arozzi Colonna, optimerad för streaming/gaming, 48kHz/16bit, USB - Guld

Arozzi is expanding their product lines into a new category of USB microphones optimized for streaming and gaming. Sfera, Sfera Pro and Colonna offer studio-quality sound, when streaming, gaming or recording on PCs, Macs and popular gaming consoles.

Sfera uses high-quality condenser capsule technology and custom-made USB connector so users can literally “plug & play”, streaming in pro-level quality. Sfera Pro adds three polar patterns (Cardioid, Cardioid -10dB, and Omnidirectional) to allow users to optimize sound quality to their needs. Colonna features classic desktop design in modern colors and is compatible with shock-mount kits.
Artikelnummer 50155 Lagerstatus
Leveransdatum obekräftat
Tillverkare Arozzi
Tillverkarens artikelnummer COLONNA-GOLD
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